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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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parked here and taken her bicycle off the rack of her car and she set out on 202 heading for a training run. it was just after 5:00 in the morning when a woman in a cad lick escalade hit her from behind. natasha pettigrew parked her toyota in the lot near the running track on the campus of prince george's community college. this is where she parked before heading out for a ride. but her mother was unable to find it until today. >> i'm empty, i'm lost. i miss her. but i did the right thing. i made the decision not to resuscitate when her heart failed. she would not want to have lived in a vegetative stage. >> reporter: she had just left the parking lot and was riding south on 202 when she was hit from behind. after discovering the car, kenneth hendry learned one of
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her daughter's shoes had been left at the scene. >> that is my daughter's shoe. we laughed when she bought those. i said those were the ugliest shoes i've ever seen in my life. and she said nobody will have them because of me and she said everywhere i go people are recognize me from the sneakers. >> reporter: she decided to sit on the curb until the police came back to the scene. while we were there the young witness who saw the aftermath came to talk with her mother. she saw the driver briefly stop at the scene. >> i didn't want them to notice me noticing them. i saw smoke coming from the front of the suv and i went up, as soon as i could make a u- turn, i made the u-turn and came back around and before i could come back around the suv was gone. >> reporter: crystal hayes stayed with natasha until the medics arrived.
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>> she was lying in the road. she was unresponsive, totally unconscious. i talked to her and told her it was okay and somebody was on the way. i told her to keep breathing. >> reporter: she held on for a little more than a day before her mother told the doctors to let her go. crystal hayes told us not only did she see smoke coming from the front of the suv, she saw sparks, indicating that something was dragging. the lady who called police said that she found natasha's bike embedded notice grill of her suv and that's the way police did find it. but we're hearing from law enforcement sources, that call to police didn't come in until about four hours after the collision. >> paul, at this point i know you said no charges have been filed. do we know if they are considering charges or just investigating right now? >> reporter: the guidance we've gotten is that it will take time to piece this together.
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they have the measure. s, what measurements, the witness, the driver of the vehicle and sometimes they take quite some time to come together so it could be weeks or months before we hear anything at all. >> paul wagner, thank you. there are new serious charges of a driver accused of killing a pedestrian in adams morgan. temeka adams is charged with involuntary manslaughter. she lost control of her car and hit two college students and then crashed into a restaurant on september 8th. one of the pedestrians, 26-year- old julia backer died later. she was charged with driving drunk and aggravated assault. investigators are back at the home of the man that shot a doctor and then killed his mother and himself. they are trying to find out if he left any notes or evidence that he planned last week's shooting. the dr. is recovering.
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a vicious attack outside of manassas shopping center. a 15-year-old boy accused of stabbing and robbing a man. police say two suspects approached the man hired to take pictures of the shopping center this morning. well they demanded his camera and his money and then stabbed him several times. officers did catch one boy and they believe the second suspect is a teenager as well. the victim was taken to the hospital. police are not releasing any information on his condition. a teenager shot in the district. tonight police are searching for his killer. 18-year-old franklin hill was murdered on 1st street southwest early this morning. police found him after responding to reports of gunfire in the area. investigators are asking anyone with information to give them a call. a suspicious package leaking fluid forced investigators to close several downtown streets. d.c. fire department spokesperson tells us a pharmacy at 950 f. street received the package. it turns out the substance was not hazardous and did not pose
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any threat. a new twist in the ongoing d.c. parks contract controversy. a reluctant witness and frat brother of mayor fenty is forced to appear before the special council investigating the case. they decided to block more company from going to his company. and karen joins us with the latest. >> reporter: omar karim is the owner that got millions of dollars in city money to manage parks and recreation projects. the council has had to subpoena to testify and went to superior court on friday to force him to be deposed today before a special outside investigator. omar karim showed up at the wilson building, his attorney in tow. not because he wanted to be here. a d.c. superior court judge ordered it. >> and yet there's been no wrongdoing, there is no one
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piece of testimony or document showing such. >> reporter: and at issue is how an estimated 82-$86 million skirted the council review process. >> we're here today because we had to get a motion to compel for evidence and information that we thought was very important to the case. >> reporter: council member harry thomas said a number of companies have been associated with the dollars that went into the projects. >> one of those for example was liberty law where we know great sums of money went into the perceived contractors and then went out to other firms and we wanted to find out what the expenditures were and where they were going. >> he's never disagreed with talking about the parks contract. the investigation wants to get into other issues that did not involve these funds. >> reporter: it is said that council members insist this is not a political attack aimed at the mayor. they point out the election is over.
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but they say citizens have a right to know the facts. >> when you side information, we can't get the facts to make a determination whether anything was done wrong. >> reporter: these union workers protesting say it's about to happen again. they say fenty's office is about to renew a $17 million contract with u.s. security to provide security for municipal buildings and public schools without council review. now today the council took action on a $550,000 settlement orchestrated by attorney general peter nichols to go to bannicker. they voted to hold off on payment. they are baffled that there could be a settlement when there was not a court case filed. >> do we know what the money in the settlement was for and how long the investigation will take? >> reporter: well the money in the settlement is supposed to go to bannicker and his partner for close-out costs. there are about nine other
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subcontractors who still have to be paid. as far as how long the investigation will go, robert trout is the special investigator and he's doing this pro bono for the city council and expects his report to be filed by the end of the year. >> karen gray houston, thank you very much. a defeat for gay right groups trying to repeal the military's don't ask, don't tell policy which bans gays from serving in the military. today republicans blocked consideration of a defense spending bill that would have lifted the ban. sherry ly is here with how it went down. >> reporter: democrats were counting on suzanne collins as the crucial 60th vote. in the end they didn't get that and even lost a vote of some democrats. in the final tally, democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed to bring the legislation up for debate by a 56-43 margin. the repeal of the military ban was attached to the $726 billion defense spending bill, along with other controversial
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measures. how republicans and democrats accuse each other of political grandstanding with a mid-term elections just weeks away. >> they want to use this week for a political exercise. they want to weigh this bill down with controversy and a transparent attempt to show the interest groups they haven't forgotten about them ahead of the election. >> we just wanted to bring it to the floor. they wouldn't even allow us to do that. they wouldn't even allow us to have a vote on this. >> reporter: three democrats joined republicans. senate majority leader harry reid voted against the measure which allowed him to revive it later. gray rights groups saw this as the last chance before the election to overturn the law. turning to afghanistan where nine nato troops have died in a helicopter crash. a senior military official said americans are among the dead. the taliban claims it shot down the helicopter.
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but nato said there were no reports of enemy fire in the area. the military said this is the worst helicopter crash involving coalition forces there in four years. iran's president is blaming capitalism for the world's problems. that was the message mahmoud ahmadinejad delivered as he spoke on defeating global poverty. he didn't make any threats to destroy israel or america. but he did call for a new world order and for this to be the decade for the great joint government. still ahead, distracted driving. new federal rules that will require certain drivers to put down the phone and pay attention behind the wheel. i'm one of the people that had to live in an institution in order to get accessible housing. >> demanding affordable housing for the disabled. the d.c. building this protestors threatened to storm today. should the fda require a label on lab-created fish and
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how soon might you see genetically engineered salmon on your plate? we had temperatures this morning in the 40s. but say goodbye to the fall- like weather. summer makes a return. we'll look at your forecast, whether you want to see it or not, coming up. >> we do want to see it. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is just getting started. d
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row.
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and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. this tractor-trailer crash slowed traffic on the beltway in fairfax county. you can see the video from sky fox showing the truck sitting there across the median. this is near gallows road and falls church. this happened just before noon. we can tell you that no one was hurt. in downtown d.c., a group of people gathered, their lives changed because of a car crash. they have lost loved ones in wrecks and don't call these collisions accidents, because the crashes involved distracted drivers. beth parker is live in northwest with more on the
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growing danger. beth? >> reporter: you do not have to stand out here along wisconsin avenue for very long before you spot somebody who is driving and talking on a cell phone or driving and texting. each year now in this country more than 5400 people are killed and close to a half million injured in car crashes involving distracted drivers. maryland native heather herd was on her way to meet her wedding planner when a tractor trailer driver slammed into her car. >> she was tempt messages while driving an 80,000-pound tractor- trailer. >> reporter: her parents live in maryland but they are working to spread the message nationwide. they know that texting while driving kills. >> everyone has a person in their life, it could be a grandson or child or husband or wife and someone you love, and to realize that you could lose
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them forever for something as ridiculous as sending a text message or answering a phone call. >> reporter: herd started the distracted driving summit. ray la hood said texting and driving is an epidemic. >> if you are looking down at your texting device for four to five seconds, you drive the length of a football field. in a 4,000 unguided missile. >> reporter: just outside of the summit on 9th street northwest, officers have no trouble finding drivers violating the d.c. law that requires hands-free cell phone use. new federal rules will soon ban commercial bus and truck drivers from texting on the job. >> family members say it's not just texting but talking too. gina harris' daughter britney was talking on her cell phone when she hit an oncoming
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vehicle. >> ma'am, there's been an accident. and you don't think. you don't think they would tell you, ma'am, she didn't make it. >> reporter: and just a few blocks up the road in maryland, a lot of commuters heading north. maryland's hands-free cell phone law takes effect october 1st. beth parker, back to you. >> thank you very much. and it's been in the works for a decade and now it's finally here. today the maryland transit administration unveiled a compatible smart card. the charm card can be used on either baltimore or washington transit systems. the one exception is marc will not honor it. but it will be honored where charm cards are accepted. home construction was up last month, jumping 10.5%.
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but some economists say hold on, the numbers may be deceiving. that's because apartment and condos made up a bulk of the construction. single family home construction as only -- was only up 4% last month. and they are demanding affordable and accessible housing for some of the most vulnerable of society. a group called -- a group called adapt staged a rally outside of the housing and urban development. they say they are trying to meet with shawn donovan for a year now to help ways for seniors and disabled citizens to find decent housing and they say they will no longer be ignored. >> that we need more affordable integrated housing. and so we're asking for them to go from 5% accessible to 10%. and making people in nursing
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homes considered homeless. >> and someplaced in nursing homes are put there against their will. and there must be a better job looking out for those persons. and a fire has burned three houses and burned 16 others and now the national guard is apologizing for mistakes that sparked the fire. david lee miller has the story. >> we're sorry. deeply sorry. these are the citizens we're sworn to protect and we did not do that sunday. >> reporter: utah national guard taking the blame for starting the wildfire that forced thousands from their home. they admit no one checked to see if there was a red flag high-wind warning before allowing a machine gun exercise in the dry conditions. officials also say guard commanders waited two hours before calling outside fire agencies for help. >> our job as the national guard, our mission is to
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support our citizens, not to endanger them. >> reporter: the pag ignited from practice rounds of a 50 caliber machine gun. the blaze spread as overnight winds spanned the flames. it destroyed a handful of houses, including the home of jackie burns, who said she lost everything. >> just very numb. i feel lick somebody pinch me -- feel like somebody pinch me so i can wake up. >> how do i have the right to feel good. >> reporter: some folks could return, lifting evacuation for 200 homes in the area. but the residents of more than 1400 other homes are still being told to stay away. >> we don't want people to go home and have a fire flare-up later in the evening.
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>> reporter: and deploying more than 100 troops, helicopters and blackhawks. well garret promised it and he delivered. >> another beautiful day and hopefully we can continue it into tonight because i'm enjoying keeping my air- conditioning off, gary. >> there was a time last night where i lowered the window because it was getting chilly out there. in some locations in the suburbs were way down in the 40s. not in town but outside of town. that will not be the case tonight. not quite as cool tonight, but i still think you could leave the windows open until at least through the morning hours tomorrow morning. but we are really going to heat up tomorrow afternoon. much warmer, as much as 10- degree warmer with highs tomorrow out there this time in the afternoon. here is what is going on. high pressure is in control. this is a satellite picture, but you don't see any satellite around us so you don't see any cloud cover out there. i challenge you, did you see a cloud in the sky out there
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today under those blue skies. if you go farther back out to the northwest, we see scattered showers and thunderstorms north of kansas city tonight. that line of showers and thunderstorms are kind of firing up ahead of a frontal system, that will be travel across in the same front tomorrow. it will at least bring us a chance for scattered showers, maybe even a thunderstorm late tomorrow afternoon, team evening and into tomorrow night. not expecting a lot of rain, but at least there is a chance of some showers, maybe a few thunderstorms in the forecast. tomorrows high temperatures some 10 degrees warmer than where we have been today. 7:00 was nice. was that laura looking for a nice evening forecast, or shawn? >> both of us. >> it's good. to bad you have to stay in the building all night. 69 degrees at 9:00, 67 at 11:00. winds only 5-10 miles per hour. and it will be a nice evening and a very nice overnight and
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tomorrow morning will be good, just not as chilly as the fall- like temperatures that we had. and speaking of fall, tomorrow is the first day of fall. >> the equinox. thank you, gary. she'll be the first woman executed in virginia in over a century. plus the charges for a woman who first said a stranger threw acid in her face and later at mitted it was a -- later admitted it was a hoax. and plus the death of another teammate. we'll be right back. n d
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no clemency for a woman on death row in virginia. governor bob mcdonnell is refusing to consider the appeal. louis will be the first one executed in virginia in nearly a century. only the u.s. supreme court could stop the execution.
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and we can tell you she's convicted of masterminding the hired killings of her husband and stepson in 2002. the woman at the center of the acid hoax is now being charged. she claimed a black woman threw acid in her face. she since confessed to smearing drain killer on her face in an attempt to kill herself. she collected $28,000 after the hoax. investigators believe kenny mckinley committed suicide at his home. he was found with a gunshot wound to the head. teammates say there was no hint, and that he was acting himself. he is the third bronco to die in the past four years. he was 23 years old. should genetically altered salmon be labeled the same way
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as regular salmon. >> the fda taking up that fishy question. plus -- >> d.c.'s second pediatric room opens. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste. words alone aren't enough.
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my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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franken fish or superfood have been used to describe a new genetically engineered salmon. the fda is debating about whether to allow it to come to the public and to your dinner table. melanie alnwick jones us with -- joins us with an update. >> reporter: the fda advisory committee appears likely to recommend approval of the aqua advantage salmon. today's debate focuses on whether consumers with told their fish could be made. >> does the way it is produced
5:32 pm
change it into something different. >> i think any time you split multiple different fish, you create a new animal. >> reporter: they hope the new fda will agree and require the labeling. greg javy of the center for science and the public interest and the member of the fda advisory committee, believes the safety questions would be answer. >> while they thought the necessary data, they didn't see anything that suggests this would be approved. >> csgi, known by some as the food police doesn't think the rbi can require a label. but it would give it the
5:33 pm
distinction. >> that would give you the ability to choose. >> that would be something like not genetically engineered or no added growth hormones, or cage-free eggs. and those are the things that consumers say when making their buying just. every information said they want more information and not less. >> reporter: the aqua salmon will be the first. but the decisions made in this case will set the blue print for all others to come. >> now it may be six months before the fda makes a final decision. aqua bound said it would take two years after to know whether they are effective. >> we talked about this earlier with tomatoes and certain
5:34 pm
lettuces. >> this is not animal versus plant, but we are eating those. the fda does not require positive label, but they do allow gmo's to say non-gmo on the label. and that is the fast growing in the supermarket industry. >> are they finding consumers are staying away from those genetically altered meats? >> well we wouldn't have that right now. because this will be the very first animal but it is a selling point. a company wouldn't put a label on it if they didn't think it was a selling point. >> we'll watch this one. the district of columbia getting a second pediatric emergency room next week. the only one currently at children's hospital in northwest washington. now a new children's hospital ism coulding to d.c. john henrehan has details on that. >> reporter: work crews are
5:35 pm
putting the finishing touches on a new front center of what used to be called greater southeast community hospital. inside i.t. is checking supplies and procedures and rehearsing for patients. >> this will be children's hospital, which waits the other one, got an $11 million grant to open a second building on the pge line. and now this is a specialty in said sin. >> because children are different. we medicate them different by drugs. it's all by wait. their bones and bodies are different. they're very resilient. >> reporter: and sometimes that caughts children to be
5:36 pm
monitoring. there are a large number of pediatric asthma patients in d.c. there is a whole area dedicated to asthma patients with chairs because they do better to sit down and a tv screen. her here to provide service and if they -- we're here to provide service and that's why we're here. >> reporter: the second pediatric hospital opens this week. john henrehan, fox 5 news. we're following breaking news out of greenbelt, maryland, in prince george's county. police on the scene of a deadly
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shooting. police tell us the female victim was targeted. you can see right now there are detectives on the scene and a number of police vehicles on the scene. we are investigating. we have a crew and will bring you the latest on the news edge at 6:00 tonight. still ahead on fox 5 news at 5:00. a car race takes a turn. >> find sought how many people were injured when a grandstand collapsed. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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incredible scary moments for spectators after that grandstand collapse during a car race in brazil. the video shows the metal stands packed with people crumbling in less than a secondch more than 100 people were hurt. 22 seriously. officials estimate 500 people were sitting in the stands when part of it went down. an official investigation is underway. authorities say structural
5:41 pm
faults may be to blame. it is built for speed and it is environmentally friendly. earlier today representatives from porsche showed off their new hybrid race car. the car on display outside of the department of energy and officials from the department of transportation came out to see the car which actually uses two electric motors to support the 480-horsepower engine. it is said to be a prototype for other hybrids. >> this technology is an important part of the future of cars. we just want to learn more about this technology. >> the race car will race for the first time in north america on october 2nd and compete in the american lemans in braiseelton, georgia. >> and i hope you got outside today. >> i did. i had recess duty. >> oh, you did.
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we all want to know how long the sunshine will last? gary is back with the full forecast and he said we can expect some changes. we'll be right back. the glee club is back. we're taking you behind the scenes as the hit fox show kicks off its second season. we'll be right back.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity.
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and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. glee is back for a second season. >> it kicks off tonight. holly morris recently talked with some of the new cast members. here is what they are looking forward to this season. >> i'm happy that you have all bonded. >> reporter: after a tough loss at regionals, the glee club is back at mckinley high. >> we go from a small rebel force to a giant wall of sound. >> reporter: faces with more
5:46 pm
budget cuts, they forced to recute new members, played by cord over street. >> you get on a project this hot, you know that it will be one of those things where it's just -- it's on tv. >> reporter: another new face, singing sensation cherice, who admits to being a fan of the show and to being a bit nervous about now being on it. >> what are you nervous about? >> it's my first time -- first ever series of acting comedy. so i'm more into singing and dancing. so this is my first acting. but i'm excited. >> reporter: the comedy has shot the cast to superstar dom, causing established stars to get in on the action, like britney spears and john stamos, both set to appear this season. >> so when did you figure out glee was huge? >> i went to the philippines and it was nuts how much they love the show. when you go to a different country and people watch a show
5:47 pm
you only think is big in america and that's when it hits you. >> reporter: more than 10 million song down loads and 19 emmy nominations. may the underdogs continue to overachieve well into the sophomore season. holly morris, fox 5 news. >> and tonight at 8:00, the start of the condition season. you can catch it here on fox 5. gary, are you a gleek like sue? >> i am not a gleek like sue. but i must admit when she has it on downstairs, i find myself occasionally looking in that direction. >> it's kind of catchy when you hear the old songs, you start singing along. >> from when we were kids, or i was a kid. yeah, i know. they do the full range though. >> the weather is kind of catchy. this is the last full day of summer. and then fall -- i keep trying to say spring, but fall arrives tomorrow evening at 11:09.
5:48 pm
something like that. don't hold me to it. >> and on comes the heat. >> and as we transition into fall around here, summer going to make a comeback. beautiful today but you don't need me to tell you that. you know it. it turns into a nice evening. let's look at the numbers here. temperatures this evening at 7:00, generally falling back down into the 70s. we've been up to 80 at national. right around 4:00 or so, temperature tops out at 80 degrees. we started off this morning in the 50s. 69 degrees at noon and 67 degrees at 11:00. overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, not as cold as what it was this morning. and you know if you stepped out early, especially out in the suburbs, it may have been a bit of a rude awakening as temperatures dropped down into the 40s, but with a lot of sunshine and a dry atmosphere, low relative humidity, the temperatures very efficient. the atmosphere is very efficient at heating up. so we jumped into the upper 70s. even the lower 80s. here in town, we have a high
5:49 pm
temperature of 80 degrees. fredericksberg, 83. look at culpeper, 84 degrees. just touching some of those warmer temperatures back down to the southwest. we talked about this yesterday. that the heat was just back out to the southwest of us. look at cincinnati right now. 93 degrees. national 95. st. louis 94. and little rock, 96. so there is a core of heat down like, now, as this high pressure, a loft, starts scooting in our direction overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. that begins to bring that core of warmer temperatures through here and so for tomorrow, we're going to go upper 80s, lower 90s, pretty much area-wide and that is going to last not only tomorrow, thursday but into friday as well. and into the weekend that's when we start to get cooling effects of the frontal system. and it looks unsettled for the weekend. just so you know.
5:50 pm
sunny skies right now. with high pressure in control. thunderstorms back out to the west of us here. this is along the frontal system which will bring us a chance tomorrow for some of this -- this is severe weather. we won't have anything like that tomorrow. but late in the day we may have a scattered shower or a thunderstorm. so the heat is down to the southwest of us. the warm front will come through tomorrow morning and bring the warmest of the weather. tomorrow we're kind of right in the gray area. will it be warm or will it be hot? that depends on how you take it. but temperatures get up to about 90 degrees here in town. areas surrounding us will easily be into the low 90s tomorrow afternoon. tonight fair skies. tomorrow we'll have a chance of the thunderstorms mover ago cross. the heat remains in place on thursday. and then going into friday as well. and again as we start getting into the weekend, that's when we'll have cooler temperatures arrive. the next few day it's will feel like summer, even though it's
5:51 pm
going to be fall. 90 degrees for a high temperature. 91 degrees on thursday. 91 on friday. saturday, sunday, again we cool off but become unsettled too, so a chance for late showers on saturday and a few scattered showers and clouds around here on sunday and that will keep it in the middle 70s. so if you like the hot stuff, we get a visit of that for a few days around here. >> crazy from 90 to 70. >> that's what late summer, early fall around here. >> thanks, gary. talk of the town on tmz, paris hilton banned in japan. we hear she's having problems getting into country. dax, what is she facing over there? >> basically she got on a plane, left vegas after her court hearing and headed to japan and they detained her at immigration because they said anyone that has a drug conviction, we don't want in our country. so they stopped her. they went through a whole ordeal and put her up in a
5:52 pm
hotel connected with the airport and they said, go to bed, we'll figure it out in the morning, so here in a couple of hours she'll go back to the airport and try to decide if they'll let her in the country or put her on a plane and send her back to the united states. >> and just to clarify, as i understand it, japan -- it's a japanese law that they don't let convicted drug offenders in the country yet. but she's not convicted yet. >> well she pled guilty yesterday to possessing cocaine so she is going against the law and that's why they are throwing it up in the air, whether she can come in or not. >> i got you. okay. now on to justin beiber. and he was caught in the act. busted in a lip lock. you have the pictures. i know a lot of girls are jealous. >> we have the pictures. >> what are people saying about it? >> well here is the thing. we put these photos up and what happened is there was a canadian tourist here in california a couple of days ago
5:53 pm
and looked over and saw justin beiber in the back of a honda and took pictures not knowing who the girl was and it turned out to be jasmine villegas opening up for him. and they always said we're just friends but now we have photo proof that they are more than friends tand went crazy on twitter. all of the teen girls freaking out. >> has justin beiber responded yet? >> we did catch him at the airport and he said, you know, i'm not ashamed that the photos have come out, but i wasn't in a honda. >> oh, my gosh. that's silly. thanks very much, dax holt. we'll see you here at 6:30. the real leonard skin erd was a basketball coach in the late 60s. this is as cool story. he sent a group of students to
5:54 pm
the principals office because they're hair was too long. well the students formed a band and became a great rock band of the 1970s. and he was 77. >> and i did know that story and it is incredible, some of the band names. >> i never heard that before. so it was interesting. i wonder what mr. skin erd thought about it. >> yeah. let's head over to brian bolter for what is coming up. >> i can guarantee you free bird will never die. live on forever. well republicans delivered a big blow to gay rights advocates today as they blocked an effort to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy. we'll look at the battle that played out on the hill today. and an anonymous donor forks over $1 million to a tea party group. why his identity may be a secret until election day. the story is coming up. and more trouble for the
5:55 pm
catholic church. millions of dollars received from the vatican bank in a money laundering investigation. details at 6:00. we'll see you then. my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or mocha blended just for you
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eye security breach on twitter sent users to other websites. twitter said the problem is now fixed. the company recommends logging out and then logging back in the next time you use the site. it affected twitter users not others that can be used to access the site into thank you for joining us tonight at 5:00. >> the news edge as 6:00 starts right now. straight off the top, breaking news in greenbelt, maryland, a woman has been shot to death in an apartment
5:59 pm
complex. roby chavez is live with the very latest. what do you know? >> reporter: this is still a developing story and we're still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but homicide detectives are here on the scene and the crime scene remains up. and let's go to the video and we'll show you the investigation as it unfolded this afternoon. this all happened in the 8500 block of greenbelt road at the spring garden apartment complex. police here in prince george's county got a call at about 2:30 this afternoon to check on the welfare of a woman in this apartment complex in the lobby here for an unresponsive female. when they got here they found her in the lobby unresponsive and she had been shot. she died an hour later at a nearby hospital. we don't have any information on who this woman is, we do know she is believed to be in her 40s and a white female. at this point police are still trying to figure out a motive for the shooting and try to get any information on a suspect. >> at this time, it does not appear to be a robbery. but we are still lki


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